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  1. I have one pc of MSR008, MSR009. accept escrow too. if interested pm ur contact.
  2. I offer UK and France 201 D+P (Few BIN) Cashout On % Basis. Few UK and France BIN works fine here. My condition is (1) Contact only if you have Fresh stuff, NO seocnd or third handed D+p, (2) I dont work with large amount of D+p, only 5pc (maximum 10pc daily) (3) I dont make cashout according to your time ie if u want result in 30 minutes, dont pm me. I tell u the cashout time, aaccording to that u send me stuff (either online or as offline msg) (4) You need to understand about UK stuff, some times One D+P from same BIN work while other D+p from same BIN not work. It happens. (5) I am Open to try other country d+p too (only 4digit PIN) (6) For France 201 D+P, I am ready for Escrow too (Under few condition). For Country, BIN's & other queiry pm your contact or add mine jabber Contact : cashpoint@jabber@ru OR 646729910
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